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The Best Counter Mats for Retail Stores and Commercial Businesses

The Best Counter Mats

Custom Printed Retail & Industry Counter Mats With Logo and Advertising Message

Choosing the best promotional counter mat is an important decision for your retail store or commercial business. You naturally want to spend your money wisely to get the best value and most effective advertising.

Why Advertise on Counter Mats?

Because your advertising is always on, 24/7, right at the Point-Of-Purchase, at just the right time for customers to make additional purchases. Put your message where it will get a response. No other advertising medium can get your ad as close to your target audience. These budget-friendly mats are ideal for convenience stores, restaurants, hardware and automotive parts stores, equipment supply, health care facilities, and most retail environments. Advertising counter mats generate impulse sales and increase brand awareness. Additionally they can be used to convey important information regarding store policies, hours of operation, food menu, calendars, price changes, special promotions, and more.

How to Select the Best Counter Mat?

Counter Mat Selection Guide

Counter Mat Selection Guide

To assist with selecting the best counter mat for your business, consult one of our counter mat sales professionals at With over twenty-five years of experience, our consultants can quickly assess your needs and suggest the most appropriate and economical solution.

Counter Mat Options

MagnetMats™ Magnetic Window Counter Mats are interchangeable versatile insert-style magnetic edge counter mats that keep your important information viewable, organized, and safe from daily elements that could be damaging... one organizer does it all.

Hard Top Counter Mats - Our heavy duty textured vinyl surface creates an exceptional counter top surface. Mats can be custom printed with company logos or promotional ads. Base options include heavy-duty rubber, latex-free medium duty synthetic rubber, ultra-thin vinyl, lo-tac adhesive, and EVA foam. Perfect for point-of-purchase advertising in convenience stores, retail stores, restaurants, hardware store, auto parts stores, or anywhere countertop space is available.

Fabric Top Counter Mats offer an economical solution to countertop advertising where hard-top mats are not practical. Full color printing on a polyester surface and a wide variety of base sizes make this mat a worthy contender.

Antimicrobial Fabric Surface Counter Mats - Consumer awareness and concern about viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew exposure is growing. Many counter top surfaces are susceptible to harboring microbes, and it is difficult to keep these surfaces sufficiently clean. Antimicrobial Counter Mats can aid in the fight against unwanted microbes.

Sealed Edge Counter Mats are one of our MOST DURABLE pads! Air-tight and waterproof, these mats work great in heavy traffic areas like automotive and hardware stores, heavy equipment shops, beverage dealers, and restaurants. The scratch resistant polyethylene surface can stand up to the toughest beating.

Foam Counter Mats bring your ad message right where the action is! These foam-base mats often offer a less expensive alternative to rubber or vinyl based products. Foam is a lightweight, practical, and cost-effective promotional solution.

Synthetic Rubber Base - This Medium Duty Foam Rubber Base is up to 55% lighter than our standard Heavy Duty Base rubber. Save up to 29% on the product cost and up to 55% on shipping and handling, without sacrificing quality.

Slide-Thru™ Counter Mats offer the ultimate in flexibility. Sealed on three sides, one edge is left open for insertion of ad messages, photos, calendar, sales sheet, or other inserts. It is durable, low profile, as well as lightweight. Choose from your choice of rubber, vinyl, or super thin backings.

See-Thru™ Counter Mats - Store owners will find the See-Thru Counter Mat™ extremely useful near any point of purchase location. Advertising material, daily specials, legal notices, store policies, etc. are conveniently located at the customer's fingertips. Change your ad message as much as you like. The See-Thru Counter Mat™ is attractive, yet functional, and it does not waste valuable countertop space. Its uses are limited only by the user's imagination.

Ultra-Thin Counter Mat - OUR MOST ECONOMICAL COUNTER MAT. Available in a .24 inch thin non-skip vinyl base and a removable/repositionable lo-tac adhesive base to keep the mat flat and in place. Ultra-Thin Counter Mats offer budget-friendly point-of-purchase display of your company logo and advertising message. The extra thin, durable materials are easy to clean.

Thin Vinyl Counter Mats offer airtight and waterproof sealed edges thereby providing superior performance on restaurant counters and on bar tops. The extra thin, durable materials are easy to clean. Since your artwork is printed under the clear cover, you message will POP off the counter!

Bar Mats - MOLDED VINYL BAR MATS are an affordable way to captivate your target audience. Our new multi-colored, rubberized bar mats are the most durable and water-proof counter mats around. All molded vinyl bar mats are manufactured using a proprietary formula to produce a tough, rubberized vinyl with all the colors molded in... NOT painted or printed. And we can match virtually any color.

TransMat™ Clear - There is a CLEAR difference with our new TransMat™ Translucent Counter Mats and Desk Pads. This unique material allows you to see the desk top right through the mat! Makes great eye-catching ad space for your company's logo.

Peel&Place® is an economical hard surface counter mat that is printed on a unique non-slip base. This repositionable pad is thin and lightweight, reducing overall cost.

Dry-Erase Mats™ combine the functionality of a mouse pad/counter mat with a dry erase board. Various surface options and backings are available. Customized board and eraser can be customized to fit any logo or design. Optional cork strips are available to hold messages or serve as a coaster.

2X Counter Mats - Double / Double your ad impact with Two Sided Printing on our 2X Counter Mats. They are extremely versatile and can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. Your artwork is printed on BOTH sides of the mat, doubling the value of your promotional dollars.

Recycled Counter Mats – Our Eco-Friendly Recycled Counter Mats are covered with durable heavy duty vinyl and backed by non-skid recycled rubber. The base is 100% post-consumer recycled material, latex-free (contains SBR synthetic rubber), and 3/32" (2mm) in thickness.

Placemats - Our Restaurant Placemats are like having a billboard at your plate, with all the punch you need to maximize your message. We offer a large selection including Plastic Placemats, Paper Placemats, Leather Placemats, Coasters, Washable Plastic Restaurant Menus, Disposable Paper Restaurant Menus, Vinyl Placemats, and Plastic Cutting Boards.

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