Medium Duty Rubber Base Countermats

Medium Duty Foam Rubber Base

Medium Duty Foam Rubber Counter MatThis Medium Duty Foam Rubber Base is up to 55% lighter than our standard Heavy Duty Rubber. Save up to 29% on the product cost and up to 55% on shipping and handling, without sacrificing quality. And, it's LATEX-FREE. Latex free synthetic mats are necessary equipment in hospitals and medical facilities. They will protect health care workers and patients suffering from latex allergies. Designed for use in hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies and pharmacutical companies, health care nursing homes, and any medical or health care environment where latex allergies are a potential hazard. Also useful in school classrooms and computer labs where children with latex allergies might come in contact with dry natural latex rubber (DNR).

Surface Options: Hard Vinyl - Economy Matte
Base Options: 1/8" Medium Duty Foam - 1/16" Medium Duty Foam
Size Options: 10"x15" - 11"x17" - 12"x18" - 16"x21" - 17"x26" - Custom shapes and sizes available.

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