Sealed Edge Waterproof Countermats

Sealed Edge Countermat

Sealed Edge Counter Mat - Waterproof - Air TightSealed Edge Counter Mats are air-tight and waterproof. These mats work great in heavy traffic areas like automotive and hardware stores, heavy equipment shops, beverage dealers, and restaurants. The scratch resistant polyethylene surface can stand up to the toughest beating. We offer 3 choices of surface material - scratch resistant gloss finish that makes your colors pop without changing them (gloss is the more widely used because of this); satin finish which gives you a surface that is non-glare; and a lightly textured matte. We offer a rugged airtight and waterproof sealed edge to add durability and longevity on the counter. The edge seal is 1/8" outside your printed design area and comes in black, white, or RF seal. Sealed Edge Counter Mats offer the perfect balance between durability and value.

Surface Options: Vinyl
Base Options: Vinyl
Size Options: 8.25" x 11.5" standard. Custom sizes available.
Sealed Edge Options: RF Seal - RF Welded Edge
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