VelvetTouch Soft-Top Countermat

VelvetTouch Fabric Surface Countermat

VelvetTouch Fabric Counter MatsVelvetTouch is a soft brushed fabric similar to velvet that gives the counter mat surface a plush feel. This velvet soft surface reproduces brilliant colors with a personal touch. If you have ever picked up a fresh, ripe peach or curled up by the fire in flannel pajamas then you are already familiar with the VelvetTouch surface sensation. This irresistibly soft surface demands attention, creates lasting first impressions and unforgettable promotions. Fabric Top Counter Mats offer an economical solution to countertop advertising where hard-top mats are not practical. Full color and a wide variety of base sizes make this mat a worthy contender. All fabric mats use our Heavy Duty Rubber Base material.

Surface Options: VelvetTouch Fabric
Base Options: 1/8" Heavy Duty Rubber
Size Options: 10"x15" - 11"x17" - 12"x18" - 14"x19" - 16"x20" - Custom shapes and sizes available.

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